Sunday, August 17, 2014


Hello out there!

I'm Lindsey. My favorite things in the world are the giggles of my little girls, the warmth of my man, a cup of coffee and good conversation with heart-friends, dance parties in the kitchen, experiencing our great big God in the little mundane of my daily living, and learning and growing in the Word and Truth with other sisters.

I have blogged for about 5 years on a family blog, mostly about the ups and downs and all-around beauty of the adoptions and birth of my 3 little girls. Now that our twins are 4 and little is 1, I felt it was time to make that blog a more private place to share details of our lives. But the Lord keeps prompting me to stay a little more public... and so, this blog space.

My prayer is that this will be a place of encouragement, real-talk and growing together in Christ. I pray that what flows through me to you will be challenging, encouraging and real. You can expect a lot about motherhood and God's grace, and a little bit of everything else- like marriage and adoption and community life and healthy living and probably more of my ramblings that I can't even expect right now. I don't write because I have the answers, I write because I'm learning. Thanks for joining me here. Feel free to link back to this space and use the photos here, but with shout outs, please!

Praying over you today. Thank you for stopping by!


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