Tuesday, June 16, 2015

He restores my soul

Being a mother has been, without a doubt, the avenue God has used most in my life to teach me about Himself. He continually gives me more than I can seemingly handle and then gently leads me to give my burden to Him as He carries me.
I became a mother five years ago to the sweetest twin girls. Their adoption was beautiful, but it was a whirlwind! We had planned to adopt a toddler boy from overseas, but as He does, God changed our plans when He led us to adopt our twin preemie girls from the U.S. Throw in a move to a new state less than a year later and we found ourselves a family of four in an apartment in a new city.
Our girls were a total delight… during the day. But for whatever reason, these sweet girls refused to sleep. We tried everything from cry-it-out to co-sleeping and nothing would work to teach our girls to sleep. They would keep each other going long into the night. So there was a lot of crying from all of us – every nap was a battle and nights felt so incredibly long. I had truly reached the end of my rope that January and was worried I might just lose my mind.... (continue reading my guest post over here...)